Wednesday, 4 November 2009

That'll teach me

After eulogising about a lack of pain I am having the most painful and uncomfortable night yet. Obviously the bliss was to be brief and very soon I found everything aching, starting with my rather overworked legs and then my whole torso and arms started screaming out. Coupled with which the room I'm in is suddenly very cold and so I have extra blankets and am wearing a jumper.

I've relented and asked for some more Tramodol, one of the opiate painkillers. Hopefully it will kick in soon and I'll be able to have another go at sleep. The combination of total body pain, cold and extraordinary levels of tiredness is awesome.


  1. What a lot of posts in a short time. Your "no pain" blog has just reduced me to tears of happiness (at my desk)! Then I read your next entry - oh! I hope you managed to get more comfortable in the early hours and can see that the moment of bliss you felt will become the norm in time.
    Last night you were the man of my dreams, Will! It was summer (presumably 2010) and you and Vicky had been round for lunch. You had parked around the corner and when you left you JOGGED back to the car! Clearly you were just showing off :o) but I was impressed. Then my neighbour said to me "Was that Will who had really bad asthma?"! Mad.
    No, I haven't been near any opiates. Honest.

    Love to you both
    A x

  2. Hi Will. All here continue to be amazed by your bravery and I have to say this blog is starting to be quite gripping reading. You should talk to some publishers (seriously).

    Anyway I'm trying to think of some humorous office tittle tattle to put you back in the happy breathing state but as you know life here is intrinsically quite dull. Apart from Rich and Jess's rushed mountain top wedding next week, and the scandalous cost of painting an entire castle pink for the reception, not to mention George Michael's fee for the blessing, nothing much to report. I'll try again tomorrow.


  3. I quite agree about it being a gripping read! You will be glad to know that the weather has got vastly colder outside as well.I hope you feel warmer today. We're just about to light our real fire as it is so nice to see it! Much love Sue