Monday, 30 November 2009

Clinic and bronchoscopy tomorrow

My temperature is definitely back to normal now, the pulse rate is still raised (but this could be consistent with being back on the higher dose of Neoral), and the lungs seem to be working ok even though I am very tired a lot of the time.

Today I went for a walk for my exercise dose and ended up wandering all the way into Cambridge, popped into the Grand Arcade and then came home via the freezing Siberian wilderness that is Parker's Piece. Around a 40 minute wander, which made me extremely happy as I simply couldn't have done it before the Tx, even with Oxygen.

I am doing a controlled experiment with painkillers and am trying to come off the paracetamol. I figured that 5 or 6 weeks of taking 8 paracetamol a day is probably enough and so I have been managing without for the last couple of days. Without, that is, until around 6pm when the aches in my ribcage, wound, back and shoulders have forced me to take a couple. I'm still taking a Tramadol before bed too, but generally cutting down. Sleeping is still difficult and I wake up after 2-3 hours and then every hour or two. However, I have managed to sleep for short periods on my right hand side, which is the less painful side, so things are improving.

I think I am suffering somewhat with SAD - as soon as it gets dark at 4pm, combined with the massive lack of structure in my days, I tend to go into a bit of a slough of despond. Maybe I should invest in a light box?

So, finally to the subject of this post. Tomorrow is a busy day - clinic in the morning; more blood tests and X-Ray and a chat with Jas, and then a FOB (Fibre Optic Bronchoscopy) in the afternoon to look at how the lungs are doing, hoover up any gunge that has accumulated and do a biopsy to check for rejection again. Keep everything crossed that it is a second 'all clear'... I am quite looking forward to the Midazolam sedation they give you for the FOB - at least it will mean I get a nice restful sleep for a few hours!


  1. Congratulations on your epic wanderings! That's pretty good going. Good luck with everything today.

  2. Grand Arcade, eh? It sounds like Vicky might get a visit from Santa this Christmas, then?? (For non-Cambridge readers - Will, you must think of your global fans! - the Grand Arcade is a shopping centre, or mall, full of lovely, expensive shops.) Brilliant to hear you are so active, relatively speaking.
    The sun is out today (but it's more Siberian than yesterday) so get out for another stroll, it will lift your SAD spirits no end.
    Hope all the tests go well and you feel rested after yet another drug-induced nap!
    p.s. I am sober today ;o)

  3. Rosie (Vicky's mum)1 December 2009 at 16:46

    I think light boxes are a Good Thing and quite helpful in counter-acting November, but nothing like as good as a walk in proper sunshine. So I'd recommend getting out of doors whenever the sun comes out, and getting a light box for the really murky grey days.

  4. Got a Lumie lamp this time of year last year and I love it! It's the only thing I can say I genuinely miss from the office - well apart from bumping into Vicky in the loos from time to time...goodness this all sounds rather dodgy. My point is: Lumie = Lovely.
    Peace out,
    Thury x

  5. Jane & Chris6 December 2009 at 16:36

    Chris bought me a light box a few years ago when there was some chance I may have moved into an office with no windows to the outside world! Not sure what that says about my moods but hey.

    Luckily it didn't happen but I do find the box does make a difference at this time of year. As Vicky's mum said, there is no substitute for real sunlight but this can be a useful alternative on those dreary days!

    Jane & Chris