Sunday, 22 November 2009

A day of friends

A brilliant day today where I saw lots of people close to my heart who I hadn't seen since before the 'event'. Thanks so much to everyone who came - it was brilliant to see you, sorry I couldn't speak very well or even have a decent conversation with some of you due to the colds but all the same it was lovely.

For those few people not in Cambridge today, some of my old friends from Norfolk came to Cambridge for lunch and a meet-up - something that had been arranged before the transplant. It was great that I was well enough to join everyone for a (freezing) walk along the river Cam.

Then I returned home and Vicky's sister Chloe had come to stay the night. Finally, Jonathan Bell, one of my oldest friends, popped by for tea on his way up to Norfolk. It was great to see him and catch up.

Obviously fairly shattered now but happy.

I thought I'd count up the actual number of pills I take in a day. Obviously this is skewed slightly by the fact that I have to take up to 13 of the Creon enzyme pills with each meal, but the grand total, assuming 12 Creon / meal is: 78!!


  1. Will, it was amazing you came out for a walk today - I really hope it wasn't too much or too cold - it was so great to see you - I couldn't quite believe you were actually there - I had to keep looking to check! Sorry the infection risk meant you couldn't join us in the cafe too: I wonder, will that change over time or is that something you have to live with now?

    Somehow 12 Creon per meal sounds more awful to me than 78 a day, which is just so many it's unimaginable to those of us who occasionally take a couple of paracetamol...

    love from Katy

  2. Surely once you've eaten 13 Creon tablets you don't really need a meal.