Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Clinic #1

The fact I am sitting at home writing this means that the clinic appointment was fine and I haven't been re-admitted for any reason. They took some blood to check the levels of various of the drugs I am taking, did an X-ray, which was ok apparently and we had a quick chat with Jas.

There is nothing particularly interesting to say. We saw a few photos that were taken during the last bronchoscopy so I now know what my vocal chords look like - one of them is a bit bent which is why I can't make a very focussed noise and Jas reiterated that he's written to the ENT folks at Addenbrookes to get me an appointment. The inside of my lungs looked nice and pink and healthy and some infrared images of the blood flow showed the tissue of the lungs starting to get some decent bloodflow, indicating that the blood supply to the tissue is regrowing and should be ok (as some of you may remember they don't reconnect all the tiny vessels that supply the actual tissue of the lungs, just the big ones that take the oxygenated blood from the business end of the lungs, so they rely on the blood supply growing itself).

I was told not to worry about the short bursts of AF and as long as they stay short then they should fade over time. My bowels are gradually sorting themselves out, to the extent that I had a guilty treat on the way home; lunch in McDonalds. mmm, quarter pounder with cheese...

Next appointment will be Thursday next week, and then the following week I'll have another bronchoscopy and biopsy. As Jas said, for the first few weeks you feel like you are living at Papworth.


  1. Sounds like good news apart from the bent vocal chord – yippee! The IR blood flow images sound super-techy and cool; I always enjoy new ways of seeing my insides!

    I wonder if you are finding the MacD’s a bit ambitious by now… you really are a bit of a junk food junkie, it seems. As for living at Papworth, you’ve done that bit already: now you’re HOME. Double yippee!

  2. I just like food... Fat Duck one day, McD's the next!

  3. Ah the Maccy-Dee. The 1/4 pounder is always a good bet, but also required sharing 20 pieces of nuggets with TA. You'll be having a hotty-C next.

  4. Dave, are you offering to go on a hotty run? Bring back some Wheato-Crunch...

  5. Wow, haven't managed to read the blog for what felt like a few moments and you're at home and eating junk food - brilliant! Fantastic news on the biopsy. Hope the lack of interesting things to say continues i.e. you can just settle down into normal life!

    Katie xxx

  6. Stumbled upon your blog, and it sounds quite like mine. I had my transplant on September 8th. These first few months are tough and each day is a challenge, but keep it up. If you have any questions from a "pro" with an extra month or so under my belt feel free to let me know.

    good luck my Cf and Tx Brother!

    36yo.. Tx 09/08/09 Chapel Hill, NC. USA

  7. Will - I was also told not to whisper when I had a polyp a long time ago but to try and raise the pitch of my voice a bit when speaking! Also, if you are tired and stressed what is the first place for it to show? yes, your voice (or mine, or anyone's)! So be patient and try to rest it and just give it a bit of time - the anaesthetic will affect it too and how long were you under?
    Keep up the good work but don't eat too much FAT and DAIRY!!