Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Back in to hospital

I went back to clinic this morning after a phone call last night from one of the nurses saying that my infection markers (CRP) in my blood tests were raised. They don't know the source of this high CRP, it could be an infection anywhere in my body, or a virus, but wanted to have me back and do more bloods and check things out. When I arrived at clinic they announced they had a bed for me at 3pm and the doctor wanted me in to assess things properly and get on top of this latest issue before it becomes more serious. Currently the CRP is about 115. It can get above 200, but normal is under 10. If you're interested see

I guess this sort of thing is to be expected but is rather annoying. In a way though it is reassuring to know that they are quick to respond and are going to sort it out - it is less worry-inducing than sitting around wondering whether we should be doing something. All sorts of questions run through my head: How ill should I feel? Is it side effects? Should I be tired? How much is down to the wound/surgery? How am I supposed to know when it is infection/rejection?

Today I actually feel pretty ok. The only real remaining symptom is a fairly high heart rate. My temperature is normal and I am fairly energetic. With a bit of luck the blood test taken this morning will show a reduced CRP and that I am moving in the right direction. The idea of the intense boredom of another hospital stay is rather dismaying, as is the idea of more IV antibiotics which tend to make me feel pretty ill in other ways, as discussed in previous posts. Still, there is no other option - I need to prepare mentally for another week or so institutionalised and Vicky will be 'enjoying' the A428 far too much again.

I'll be on a different ward - Duchess - and there is no guarantee I'll have any phone reception so I may be out of touch for a while. Vicky will keep you updated via the blog.


  1. Hopefully the latest tests will show better results - given you were ill on Monday but are feeling better today... 'Rollercoaster' is a big understatement for what you are (both) going through.

    The ward sounds like an upgrade, though - from duck to duchess!

    Love & best wishes to you both

  2. I'm presuming the silence is because you have been banished to Duchess ward... Hope you're doing OK.
    Just back from that charity wine fair thing - oh dear! Was hoping to post something terribly witty (Waugh-stylee) but just not capable - but still managed to wonder how you are, of course; you loom large in the world's heart (see your #1/2 google post). Did meet some bloke in e-publishing. Not really sure what that means but must be good for your blog somehow - shame that I failed to mention it in the blur of champagne, wine and sherry and then whisky. You can start to see the extent of the problem... haven't fallen over in the kitchen yet but if I had to make coffee for anyone now it could just happen!
    Hope this makes sense to you and Vicky - but hopefully no one else!
    Food parcel available Saturday night - just say the word and the party comes to you ;o)
    Get those CRP things below ten...