Sunday, 26 December 2010

Christmas blows

Happy Christmas to everyone! Another Christmas day is past and I'm sitting here in front of bad telly - some kind of creepy snowman based film - enjoying a surfeit of chocolate based snacks.

I eventually did get the results of the lost biopsy last Monday and it was negative, thank goodness. So the problems I've had with lung function must have been viral all along, which I guess is some kind of comfort.

This morning I did my blows for the first time in a while, as I was finding getting the lower results a bit depressing, and the numbers are up slightly. So I'm now about 10% under best rather than 15 or 20. Hopefully by my next clinic visit on the 5th I'll be ok again.

Off for a walk in the snow now. Have a great holiday and don't eat too much!

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Friday, 17 December 2010

Lost biopsies

My lung function has now been down for around 2 months so the docs finally decided to bronch and biopsy me on Wednesday this week. The deal is that you stay in overnight and get the biopsy results to see if there is any rejection around 5pm the next day. So I sat there reading and trying to forget the trials of my recent life all day yesterday, only for the consultant to turn up at 5 and announce they seemed to have lost my biopsies and so had no result for me. He said it shouldn't happen, there are systems etc etc. And off he went to the lab to give them hell and try and find my precious lung cells.

This left me and Vicky sitting there with dropped jaws and anger simmering away - he had just said that if they didn't find the biopsies he'd want to do the bronchi again next week which, if they gave a positive result of rejection, would lead to me being in hospital for treatment over Christmas. Argh!

Half an hour later a call came through to the ward to say they'd found the samples but wouldn't have results till the end of Friday (today). So I was sent home to sit it out and wait for the call, which is what I'm doing now. If it comes back positive I'll be back into hospital over the weekend and Monday for steroid treatment. If negative the doc is thinking of easing off my immunosuppression a little to give me a better chance of getting over these viruses that I've been rather prone to get. He is planning to drop back the mycophenalate from 1g twice a day to 750mg twice a day. He said visually the lungs looked fine, and the x-ray was fine, so here's hoping for a negative...

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