Sunday, 26 December 2010

Christmas blows

Happy Christmas to everyone! Another Christmas day is past and I'm sitting here in front of bad telly - some kind of creepy snowman based film - enjoying a surfeit of chocolate based snacks.

I eventually did get the results of the lost biopsy last Monday and it was negative, thank goodness. So the problems I've had with lung function must have been viral all along, which I guess is some kind of comfort.

This morning I did my blows for the first time in a while, as I was finding getting the lower results a bit depressing, and the numbers are up slightly. So I'm now about 10% under best rather than 15 or 20. Hopefully by my next clinic visit on the 5th I'll be ok again.

Off for a walk in the snow now. Have a great holiday and don't eat too much!

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  1. I understand the not wanting to see the grubby numbers. I do that with my weight sometimes. Glad the blows are on the rise!

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  3. hi my name is claire i have primary pulmonary hypertension and your blog has been such a help to me. Are you ok?

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