Saturday, 7 November 2009

At home!

Vicky arrived to get me at about 9:30 this morning and, with the help of a wheelchair as a makeshift trolley for all the drugs, we made our way out of the hospital to the car. I had a bit of a worry about the fact that the seatbelt lies directly across the sternum wound and break, which was a bit uncomfortable, encouraged Vicky not to brake hard, and we set off.

So here I am at the dining room table typing on a laptop rather than iphone, which is a great deal easier, listening to radio 4 and about to tuck in to my first cup of decent coffee for 2.5 weeks. The caffeine load will probably send me manic after all this time!

I'm in a fair amount of pain but have all the strong painkillers with me so will stock up at midday and then try and strike the right balance of staying active and having a good relax. Looking forward to good food and then fireworks in the garden tonight.

Vicky is dead nervous with the responsibility of having me here. Poor thing. I'll try to convince her I'm ok...


  1. Excellent. I'm sure all the little things like decent coffee must be fantastic after all this time. (I assume you're not using your slightly OTT lever espresso machine...!) Have fun letting rip with your firework cache!

  2. Great stuff. It's not a Nespresso is it? That's what my parents have got and it is great for a overly small cup of luke warm coffee. I sit here with a cup of Kenco Gold instant - only the best for me.
    I guess you could play some amusing practical jokes on Vicky, but that'd be mean. :)

  3. Welcome home mate. 2 and a half weeks from call to home is pretty impressive. I didn't see anything on the news about any explosions in Cambridge so I assume the fireworks went OK. See you soon. Non

  4. Don't they give you a special dispensation so you don't have to wear a seatbelt, or do you really not trust Vicky's driving ;o) Helen x