Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Day of the bronch

Feeling much less sick today but now am starving hungry as have been nil by mouth since breakfast, ready for my bronchoscopy and biopsy this afternoon. I also had a liver ultrasound this morning just to check for obstructions in my bile ducts. I think this is because, like with lots of small tubes, CF can lead to blocking of bile ducts and I was on a drug to prevent this prior to the op that they haven't yet re-started. Anyway, it was fine which is good news.

The other problem is an accummulation of fluid outside my right lung which may be due to the op, rejection or infection. They are going to need to drain it using a needle (eek)! But they will wait for the results of the biopsy which will show if there is any rejection before doing it, so I guess it will happen on weds or thurs.

In short, a few stumbling blocks and it's unlikely I'll be home on Thursday but at least the sickness has eased. We are both in reasonably good spirits today.


  1. Will, there seems to be a sickness thing going round so it might be that you're ill rather than suffering from a post-operative issue (potassium levels aside). One of my team was very nauseous last week and I just thought I was going to throw up outside Sainsbury's! Perhaps we should stop pointing the finger at Vicky's macaroni cheese... :o)

  2. Everything crossed for you. Helen x