Monday, 2 November 2009

Irregular heart beat

I'm writing this from my hospital bed at 10 past 1, on my phone. I was trying to get to sleep this evening, always a challenge, and being frustrated by my throat being weird and trapping air and having sickness and indegestion - all annoying side effects. I felt like my whole stomatch started to palpipate but then realised my heart was very fast.

They stuck me on the heart monitor and I was running an irregular beat at around 160. It feels very scary. Did an ECG and called the doc.

Apparently 30% of people who've had heart surgery get this, a bit less for lungs but my op did involve moving the heart around, being on bypass for a while etc. So it is now complaning. They have given me a tablet that will be the start of a short course and also gave me some pottassium as low electrolytes can also be responsible and I've had some diahorrea.

What I have to do now is try and relax and hopefully it'll kick back over to its old rhythm. If it hasn't done in a couple of days (!) then they'll take me to surgery and give it a shock.

Guess I should actually do the relaxing now.

Other than this event things as you've learnt from vicky have been going ok. It's all very weird as experiences go - not sure I'd recommend it, bt the results are looking to be quite ok so far. I'll do some propped blogging of how it all felt once I get home, which mght even be end of this week!!!

Thanks for all the messages and comments. Love to all. Wim


  1. Will, are you sure it's not just the nurses getting your heart racing? 160 is pretty impressive; does this mean the end of the perambulations (under-used word, well done on the revival) for a while?

    Hope it settles down ASAP.

    A x

  2. Hi Will. Hope the heartbeat is now behaving itself. Let me know if you need to borrow Ministry of Sound Chillout Anthems vol 29. The other Rich (who would like to think you remember him) says Hello! .. and fingers crossed for getting home by the weekend. Rob

  3. Have just read through all your posts from start to finish, having seen the VOCE email this morning. Thanks so much for sharing all this - feel properly humbled by the strength the two of you have shown in getting through all this, and sharing your thoughts and experiences here. We'll be thinking of you lots.
    Much love,
    Rach, Rupert + offspring