Tuesday, 3 November 2009


I lie here on my back - something I could never do before - and just breathe. Each breath fills my lungs completely. I've got the angle of the matress just right - there is no pain. I'm blissfully happy. I don't know if it is just the steroids that are leading to mood swings and that are being responsible for tears at every show of kindness, letter or nice comment but who cares. I'll just lie here and breathe, feel lucky and fill my head with possibilities. Night night all.


  1. What a lovely blog Wim, so amazing to hear you describe the pleasure you are taking from your new lungs. Glad you liked the photo of Chris, I took it! Hope we get to see the photo of your scar soon (or am I just being gross?!)

    Lots of love and thinking of you loads

    Katie xxx

  2. Just looking at this before I go to bed & it's very heartening to read and puts the mundanity of my decorating frustrations in perspective !
    Hope you have a good one.


  3. Very pleased to hear you're comfortable. That must be a relief. Have a good night!

  4. I am weirdly jealous as I haven't been able to lie on my back for a few weeks and won't until after the baby is born (8 weeks and counting) - amazing how much you miss such a simple thing!
    I am thinking of starting a Gaviscon fan-club too, but you are probably on more industrial strength antacids I guess?

    So wonderful to hear your virtual voice. I am glad that the heart has settled down and you are enjoying your hiking around ward and duckpond.

    Thinking of you and sending you lots of love.

    Joanna (+ Grant + very large bump) xxxx