Friday, 6 November 2009

Duck pond

If the critical care photo was a bit much for you, here's a more soothing one of everyone's favourite duck pond, taken on a particularly grey and miserable day. It's actually much prettier than it looks here.


  1. It was really great to see Will last night. Being a typical male hypochondriac I was pretty nervous just entering the hospital and walking past the operating theatre so cannot really comprehend how hard this must have been.

    We were astonished by how well Will looks but frankly disappointed that he was more interested in discussing his hair straightening project than the meaning of life.

    A few hours of Grand Theft Auto carnage should now help to restore the correct levels of cynicism required for the real world. Enjoy the weekend and fingers crossed for early release next Thursday. Rob.

  2. Excellent to see a photo, looking good Wim! As I may have mentioned, I also have weird interest in your scar (like some other postees I have been reading). Had supper with my school friend Clare who is a chest specialist (of the medical variety I hasten to add) and who sends you lots of best wishes - also with us was someone whose friend had her CF lung transplant 18 months ago and is still very much enjoying the benefit so hurrah.

    Love KT xxx