Tuesday, 24 November 2009

One month...yesterday

I've just realised that yesterday was my one month anniversary of the operation. One third of the way to the first proper milestone at 3 months when some of the doses are reduced and some of the drugs stopped, hopefully.

Also, I slept much better last night and feel more human this morning. Hooray!


  1. Congratulations on both counts! Helen x

  2. Yeah, way to go dude - good on ya. Better sort out that rich food intolerance. Break a rib! Doh there goes the taste watershed again! Tony

  3. Hi Will - glad you're feeling rested after what sounded like a vile night on Monday. The drug list is astonishing but presumably gradually reducing? How the hell can anyone accurately predict the myriad ways in which the side effects of that lot are going to interact?

    BTW how cool that you Googled at #1! I repeat my get a publisher comment.

    ...and don't forget the 11th if there is any way you could put in an appearance without jeapordising your recovery everyone would love to see you.

    Cheers - rob