Friday, 13 November 2009

Drain, X-Ray, Home

Well, it seems there were some crossed wires yesterday and the radiologist who drained some fluid thought he was taking a sample for analysis whereas Jas wanted all of the fluid drained off to give my right lung more room to expand, as well as taking a bit for the lab. So, looking slightly exasperated, Jas asked again this morning for the fluid to be drained fully and an xray taken.

Having all the fluid drained was a particularly unpleasant experience. Lots of local anaesthetic which hurt like hell as it went in quite deep into my back and then a larger needle and a system of plumbing that allowed the doctor to suck out syringes full of the orange liquid and then squirt them into a jug. He managed to collect 300ml in total which surprised him and me. So perhaps I now have an extra 1/3 litre of capacity in my right lung? I can't feel any difference.

This afternoon I'll have the xray, get some discharge talks and letters and be off home. 21 days post-op. This time 3 weeks ago I was an hour and a half out of theatre and in intensive care, still very much sedated. It's been quite a ride over the weeks but I'll be very glad to get home. Here's hoping it is easier and more successful than the weekend leave last weekend.

I'll have an appointment every week for the next 12 weeks so they'll be keeping a close eye on me.


  1. This is such good news, and so much faster that anyone could have imagined. I was deeply impressed by all I saw of the professionals at Papworth, bully for the NHS, long may it flourish.

    All I can say to you both is - as far as possible - chill out. Slobbing in front of the telly alternating with lengthening walks in the rain and sessions on the exercise bike. Nice but very calorie rich food ad lib. Now is the time to indulge all chocolate and ice cream fantasies.

    Take it easy, enjoy each other, and relax. You have both earned it. XXX

    Vicky's dad - the Firework nutter.

  2. Great, we're still both marvelling at the speed with which everything has happened most notably your discharge. Told Mum about your progress and Vicky's nerves and she was reminded of when she took me home from hospital as a nipper & suddenly felt very responsible. However, the other thing she also said was that if you feel something's wrong you can say so quickly which makes things easier to deal with.

    Hope everything goes well and the extra coke can's worth is useful. Have fun (both)


  3. Amazing. Hope you have a great weekend and no medical hiccups. Nice weather for a homecoming... lots of love, Katy and Kamlesh xxx