Friday, 13 November 2009

Home at last

Just a quick blog to say that I have arrived home, had sausages and chips for tea and spent the evening watching telly. All very pleasant. I'm now very tired and slightly apprehensive about getting any sleep on a non-tilting non-hospital bed, but we still have the wedge they lent for last weekend so I expect I'll get a few hours. Once I can comfortably lie on my side, or move at all, things will improve.

I am back at the hospital for the first outpatient clinic appointment on Wednesday next week, and weekly thereafter, so I won't be far away from that place for a good while yet.


  1. Excellent! I hope you managed to get some sleep on your wedge.
    I'm sure that a nice bit of telly in the home environment is very therapeutic!

  2. You sound very happy! Congrats and see you soon.