Monday, 9 November 2009

...back in again

After enjoying the morning and afternoon of Saturday at home I felt pretty awful after an afternoon nap and went on to develop really bad sickness and bloating in the evening. After a while it subsided enough to let me try and sleep. I got a few scattered hours and then, while lying in bed early Sunday morning, my heart went into it's fast irregular beat again. I rang the ward and we cut the weekend leave short and hot footed it back to Papworth.

The heart actually flipped back while in the car, but did it again at Papworth, and they gave me more of the vile potassium pills as my levels were low again.

Today I have been incredibly tired and very sick all day. It is extremely hard to feel motivated or to eat anything. It took me half an hour to slowly get a small portion of stew and mash for lunch, and for the first time I had to forgo the pudding with custard and just have the custard alone.

I have had a slew of bloods done today to look at everything and another chest xray. Tomorrow is the day of the bronchoscopy with a biopsy of some lung tissue, which they will study for signs of rejection. Please all keep your fingers crossed for this important milestone.

So a rather stressful time all in all. Not the best I've been and it is very hard to maintain a positive attitude or really believe it's going to be ok and get better. But V and I are doing our best.


  1. Hey Will, sorry to hear you're not doing so well. Sounds like the Free Willy campaign will have to go on hold for a bit until you're much improved. Don't let it get you down (easy for me to say, I know), it will be worth it - just visualise standing atop Snowdon because you will be there next year - and not having got the train up! It was never going to be a smooth ride. You've had one of the most major operations going, just two and a half weeks ago - give yourself a chance.

    Have a look at p.87 of the Weekend magazine (I can provide if you didn't quite get to the paper shop!) - people with lots of friends recover more quickly from operations, and from the looks of this blog you fall into that category!

    Get some bananas down you, that'll sort out your potassium levels.


  2. Hi Will and Vicky,
    Don't despair - it's bound not go completely smoothly all the time - you've had a vast shock to your system and it must take time for things to re-adjust, however positive you are, but I'm sure it will; you have done SO well so far. As for the diet thing - I am a boring white witch (good magic) and parsley does it for me if I have indigestion or bloating (
    just chew it); keep off the white bread and cheese! and get them to give you bananas - a great source of potassium! Also get them to send you a dietician - nobody gives them enough credit!! Love, Claire

  3. Hi Claire - am interested in your comment about white bread and cheese, as I think it might have been my macaroni cheese that sent him over the edge on Saturday. Very good in calorie terms, but perhaps a bit of a shock to the system... Vx

  4. Will, mate, keep it up. I have everything crossed for you for the biopsy thing. I spoke shop with RD this evening and he kindly sent me your blog link.

    Thinking of you buddy,