Thursday, 12 November 2009


Will is a bit tired this afternoon, so you've got me instead. The ultrasound and aspiration went ahead as planned and some little vials of fluid have been sent off to be examined. We await the results but it sounds like we won't hear anything until tomorrow. The procedure wasn't entirely pleasant - although they used local anaesthetic on the skin, it's apparently difficult to anaesthetise deeper in, so it was painful (and just plain weird I think) for Will.

Not much more news really. The cycle of life on Mallard Ward goes on (we're starting to feel a bit like we're on Big Brother - It's Deeyh 20 on Mallard Ward and William is having fluid removed from his lung...). New people come in and go out and get moved into side rooms when they get diarrhoea. There's a lot of chat about constipation and wind and sickness and heart rhythms. There's a proper Norfolk chap next to Will who is turning into a bit of a liability. He asked me to bring him some cherry bakewells today.

I'm finding this period hard going. I've never been one for rollercoasters at the best of times but we're now stuck on one that we can't get off. Am pretty shattered and, although keen for Will to come home, anxious about the coming weeks and handling all this stuff without the reassurance of Mallard Ward. Think we're both getting rather institutionalised.

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  1. Thinking of you Vicky.
    All the warmest,
    Thury x