Wednesday, 11 November 2009

All clear!

I received the thumbs up from Jas, my consultant, this evening to say that the biopsy of lung tissue they took during the bronchoscopy yesterday shows no signs of rejection. This is, as you can imagine, a huge relief and means I am on track for home release by the weekend. The one remaining issue is the fluid on my right lung which they will aspirate using a needle tomorrow morning. They use an ultrasound probe to identify the exact spot and then, with some local anaesthetic thank god, stick in a needle through my back/side and suck it out. Bit of a daunting prospect...

Generally today I have felt loads better. The sickness has pretty much gone, my FOB quotient (Full Of Beans) has been high and I have eaten my food, done 10 mins warm up and then a hard 15 mins on the exercise bike and have walked around the circuit of the ward about 20 times.

I also received a touching visit from two of the CF consultants and the specialist CF nurse all of whom have looked after me so well over the last few years. They were so obviously thrilled to see me looking well - I guess it must be a satisfying end to their job of keeping me fit and alive until it's time for transplant. (is that like a very serious Time for Trumpton do you think?) I now won't see the CF team except annually for a review and check up. Day to day care will be through the Transplant Continuing Care Unit.

Finally I received a further slew of cards today and I would like to thank you all once again for your time and generosity in sending these much appreciated missives. I think for some it is the first letter they have written for years - long may letter writing continue! (he says writing a blog...)

Thanks for your continued blog support - good night for now.


  1. Excellent news. Well done. So are you able to breathe like loads better than you have in years? I'm very impressed that you can do 15 mins on an exercise bike - I'm not sure I could do that. Hope the needle isn't too scary looking. Best not to look.

  2. Fan - bloody- tastic !

    love E & T


  3. You kept us all on tenterhooks there but what great news - more tears of joy (see, accountants really do have feelings) - I hope it all feels worth it now.

    What a milestone, no more CF team, wow!

    As for the fluid draining, it's all relative. Your sternum was cut in half three weeks ago, a needle isn't much of a big deal ;o)

    A & K x

  4. Hi Will,
    Phew!!! I have been following your blog very closely from work and yesturday I kept logging on every hour to see if there was news of your results. (see even when you not here your stopping me from working!!). Im looking forward to popping round once you get home.
    Our corner is quite without you.
    BIG HUGS Mike

  5. Seconded - glad to hear the positive news! Productivity in our little corner of PE may have gone up, but it's at the expense of some serious laughter.

    Take care, Rich

  6. Blimey, what a rollercoaster you're on. I am so glad to hear your bronchoscopy results I can't tell you - I hope the fluid drain has gone ok today. How is the voice? Will you be Christmas carolling this year??

    Keep hanging in there through the ups and the not-so-ups and remember how much we are all thinking of you and sending our love.

    Joanna and Grant xxxx

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  8. So happy to hear about the good bronchoscopy results.
    I respect your honesty Will, the going must get blooming tough at times on your road to recovery - but it does make the good times even sweeter?!
    Much love to you and Vicky,
    Thury x