Friday, 23 July 2010

Home on my 9 month anniversary

I made it out, and on my 9 month transplant anniversary too. My sugars seemed to be more under control yesterday and so far even more so today, and my lung function is gradually improving - I'm only about 10% under my best, or normal, levels now. I woke up at 3am last night with a slightly worrying rattle in my left lung, got up and did a few 'huffs', or forced expirations, and eventually coughed up a blob of blood about the size of a 5p piece. A bit disconcerting, but a very normal result of having a biopsy of the lung. I mentioned it to Jas this morning and he didn't seem to worry.

So I was sent home with a blood glucose monitor and finger pricker (ouch!), as well as an insulin pen and some tiny little needles. They want me to monitor my sugars four times a day - when I get up, before lunch, before dinner and last thing at night - and if before lunch or dinner it is higher than 8 mmol/litre to give myself a little shot of insulin. So far today all my readings have been normal, so no insulin required and hopefully things will continue to improve as the steroid pills are tapered off over the next week.

Still, I guess it is useful to get the training out of the way with the diabetes stuff before it becomes a permanent feature of my post-transplant life as no doubt it will, especially if they at some point decide to change my Neoral (cyclosporin) to Tacrolimus, which sends virtually everyone that way.

Now for a relaxing weekend...


  1. Just thought I would let you know I am on just Prograf (tacrolimus) and along with my prednisone, I have yet to be 'diagnosed' diabetic. I monitor my sugar levels of course, but so far they are looking okay and no insulin YET. So even if they switch or add Prograf, you might still be okay!! I just watch my sugar intake. Switched to Diet soda, lowered my candy intake, and I work out regularly all those things can help! Good Luck!

  2. Hey Will, glad to hear you're home. I too have just got home from being cloistered away from the real world for a week although in a rather different context at York University. I spent the week synthesising queen bee pheromone. Yes, really! I was reading your updates throughout the week but without the latest (or any) iPhone I was unable to post any comments!
    Let's hope you can last a long time without diabetes; all the sugar in the blackcurrant goo can't have helped :o)
    Keep well and keep training for the ping pong.

  3. I got sent home with a monitor and 10 strips last year, but my sugars normalized after I stopped drinking a 6-pack plus of Mt. Dew or whatever other soft drink was available. It was a very hard adjustment, but it has been worth not going on oral or IM diabetes meds. I now only do the tests when I feel like I'm crashing to make sure my crashing number is actually low - because my grandpa crashes around 100, while I crash in the 40s.

    I hope your blood cough ends up being nothing and your rejection goes completely away. Breathe easy, Will!

  4. Thanks for the support and notes about diabetes. I've laid off the coke for the last week, and switched to coke zero - guess I'm just being more aware of sugar. Can't be bad overall to adjust the diet and be a bit more healthy! I have only had to take insulin once since last Thursday and I think things are settling. The pred starts to taper off 5mg/day as of tomorrow, so I'll be back to normal by next week. Hopefully then things will settle properly...