Monday, 19 July 2010

What a nice setting for a hospital

Just taking a brisk walk around the grounds and thought I should share what a lovely and unusual setting for a hospital Papworth has. It'll be a pity when it moves to the Addenbrookes site in Cambridge, but that's not till 2013 or maybe now even later with the state of the public finances...

Here's a view from the parkland with the big house on the left that's used for hosp admin and the pond, which you'll know well if you've been reading since I was transplanted, down to the right.

Here's the pond and the red brick building behind is Mallard ward where I was in the 3 weeks post surgery.

So guess I'd better get back to my room in case anyone wants me. I'll probably write again soon as there isn't much else to relieve the boredom!

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  1. Ah my darling husband, you are having WAY too much fun with blogpress and your iPhone... Vickyxxx