Sunday, 18 July 2010

The joy of steroids

Well there was no change on the xray and no sign of infection in the blood test so they decided to start the methyl prednisilone IV. Three daily infusions of 700mg. Had my first this evening and no side effects other than a bit of a euphoric buzz and a funny bitter taste in the mouth. We will see how I go and I guess they will probably FOB me after the treatment to check the rejection has gone.

The other side effect of pred is lack of sleep so, combined with the noises of a hospital ward, I'm not expecting much tonight. Vicky brought me my laptop and the box set of the first series of the wire which I was wanting to re-watch anyway, so tonight may be a Wire marathon...

I'm standing outside the hospital writing this as I can only get phone reception outside so I'd better post it and get back to the waterproof sheets and hard pillows.

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  1. Really must watch the rest of that series, think I've managed about 3 1/2 episodes - have the rest on the psp, it's just getting the time to watch them.

    Anyway, hope things are getting better now.

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