Monday, 19 July 2010

1 down, 2 to go

I managed to get about six hours sleep, which isn't really any less than you'd expect from the first night in hospital with the unfamiliar bed and ward sounds (thank god for ear plugs!)

My blows this morning had shown a reversal and are back up to Saturday's level. If tomorrow is like Friday then we are definitely on the right track back to health...

I saw the docs and they confirmed they will do the three doses very probably and will do the FOB on Tuesday. So by Weds pm I'll know what level of rejection remains after the steroid treatment. After they stop the IVs they will switch me to a high dose of oral prednisilone (prob 60mg). The amount of rejection the FOB shows will dictate the speed that they taper off the oral steroids.

They moved me this morning from the ward to a room I can call my own. Room 13 Baron Ward.

Look - I get a little TV, a nice big window and even access onto the balcony where I can get just enough of a smidgen of mobile reception to send this post.

Onwards and upwards...

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  1. Glad the treatment is reversing the situation. Hope today is going well in your own room - much nicer to think of you in there than on a ward. Good Luck with dose no.2
    Lots love to you and Vicky xxxx