Friday, 9 July 2010

Thou shalt stay away from building sites...

... which is all very well until your next door neighbour decides to build an enormous extension. I, predictably, am anxious about the dust and the fungal spores and Will's lungs. We've talked to the neighbour and the builder and our letting agent and our landlord and everyone is being very decent and we've agreed working hours and basic principles and compensation etc etc. But nothing gets away from the fact that they are still pulling down walls and ceilings and dicking around with soil and rubble, right outside our kitchen door:

Our garden on the left, neighbour's on the right

So my plan was to keep the doors and windows on that side of the house closed pretty much throughout. This has been scuppered by the HEAT. Cambridge is a swirling mass of matching-backpack-clad foreign language students; as they mill and shriek their scantily-clad way around town, we locals sweat to and from work on our bicycles, crumpled and overdressed for the unseasonable weather. Oh to be 14 again. So I've had to relent on the kitchen door a couple of times - it is just too hot to be in there otherwise. Which means, of course, that I am back to being anxious about those spores... Hey ho...


  1. I'm going to use 'scuppered' in every single conversation I possibly can. I will personally see to it that this word moves across the pond.

  2. Vicky,
    I would be just as anxious about the construction going on so close to my home! Hopefully they will get it done very, very soon!