Tuesday, 20 July 2010


Had my bronch this afternoon and have been gently expectorating blood ever since, as is the way when they cut 5 bits out of your left lung. They didn't seem to give me as much sedation as sometimes as I felt the probe going in and heard the 'open' 'close' commands of the biopsies being taken and certainly felt the probe coming out.

Got a raised temp and heart rate of 110 for a while after the procedure bit that seems to have largely settled.

The doc said there was no sign of infection but my trachea was inflamed which could be down to aspiration of tummy juices from reflux - damn them, I need that fundoplication. I am genuinely quite annoyed if the waiting lists and doctors not getting organised and referring me to london if necessary is causing me lung damage already...! I'll have words with the doctor in the morning when I'm feeling less tired and woozy.

So, tomorrow evening I'll learn whether there is any rejection and that will dictate the treatment plan henceforth. I really just want to get back to feeling fit, going to the gym and being normal again.

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  1. Hang in there Will. We're thinking of you over here.