Wednesday, 21 July 2010

'minimal A1'

That then is the bronch diagnosis. Those of you with long memories may remember I had some A1 rejection fairly soon after the transplant and they treated it with raised oral steroids for a while. In this case we don't and can't know whether it was major rejection before the IV pred or minor + cold. Still, minimal A1 is a as minor as it could possibly be so I guess that's good. My blows still aren't up to much so I'm sure the virus is having an effect too.

The treatment plan is to do around three more days of 30mg oral pred and then taper it off, and re-FOB me at some point to check the rejection is fully clear. Full details to follow at the ward round tomorrow morning. Hoping for a discharge in the morning.

Here's us by the pond. Nice day.

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  1. Not too bad then? Hope you do get home tommorrow. Lovely to see you both in the sunshine,haven't seen much of that up here lately... (Eeyore voice). Lots of love and wishes for a speedy recovery, Auntie xx

  2. The news isn't great, but it's not bad either. Keep your mind on the smiles in that picture and you'll pull through just fine.