Thursday, 22 July 2010

Still in here

Another day in paradise...

Jas was back and on the ward round this morning. That man certainly calls a spade a spade which I guess is good but can also be scary. "your gut may just be colonised with campylobacter now", "we might want to do a colonoscopy if it comes back". And other gems.

I'm finding dealing with variable blood sugars really hard from a mental perspective - I'm really hoping it settles although it seems everyone turns diabetic on the immunosuppression eventually, especially CFers who are more prone anyway. It seems to have been a bit better today and I haven't had any insulin yet.

My lung function was very slightly up this morning although I was very tight on my upper airway - there was almost a whistle as I breathed in. Things got better through the day and I tried my blows again this afternoon and got a good improvement - now back to around 10% down on my best.

So I'm hoping that these two things combined will get me an honourable discharge tomorrow and I can try and get back to normal life.

The last thing is that I repeated my concerns over the delay in getting even an appt to discuss the fundoplication with Jas and when the transplant coordinator chap popped round at 4pm he said they'd talked to Addenbrookes today and an appt is in the post for me! He has some influence that Jas Parmer...

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  1. What does one have to do to be dishono(u)rably discharged from the hospital?

  2. Now there's a thought Bo. How about suggesting the docs could work on their bedside manner? Vodka in your methyl pred IV? Free running in the corridors? Windsurfing on the duck pond?? We could bring in Will's remaining tramadol and sell it to other patients... Wow, so many options...