Monday, 19 July 2010

Rejection...or just a cold

Interesting little chat with the doc: seems I came up positive for Rhinovirus, otherwise known as a cold. So it's possible, as rejection was never actually diagnosed by a bronch, that I just had an upper airway viral infection. Still, he's planning to follow through with the last steroid dose and bronch me tomorrow.

Seems also the steroids have pushed me borderline diabetic, as they can. I had a blood sugar of 19 this morning (normal 6 to 7) so they are going to test me every so often and give me insulin jabs if I go above 15. My pre-dinner test was 15.3 so they didn't treat it. Bit borderline. Apparently things usually, but not always, revert to ok once the steroids stop.

My hope is that I don't end up diabetic because of a steroid treatment I never really needed because all I had was a cold. That's the worst case scenario...

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  1. That would be "a bit sub-optimal", as they say. I have confidence in the idea that your body will sort itself out once everything settles back to normal! Fingers crossed!