Thursday, 5 August 2010

Blows and bad dreams

My blows came back to normal, even setting a new record last Sunday. Since then things have dropped back a little, but hopefully not enough to be worried (about a 4% drop from the record blow). This is all generally encouraging, in that I can get some rejection, be treated and bounce right back after a couple of weeks. I've held the pred at 10mg for 5 days now, delaying dropping back to 5mg because of the little drop in blows.

I find myself quite a stressed person these last few weeks. Work pressure doesn't help, with nebulous projects and a lack of resource making me worry. That combined with impending endoscopy and consultation about the nissen fundoplication, the continuing anxiety about lung function, and the Transplant Games in two weeks time is resulting in a bit of a tricky period.

I don't know if it is because of this or because of drugs, or sugar levels, but I have had unsettling dreams for the last couple of weeks. I know the steroids can give you nightmares, but mine are continuing even through the reduction in dose. I guess it is a combination of factors.

The dreams are generally meetings with doctors where I am told things are going terribly wrong, or, like last night, where I start coughing up CF-style sputum again and the doctors say there is nothing that can be done. I wake up and breathe, try a few little coughs, and after a few minutes convince myself it isn't real. But it is certainly not conducive to waking up feeling relaxed and ready to face work and the world. I hope it stops soon.


  1. Really glad your numbers have bounced back, but Sorry to hear about the bad dreams. Try thinking good thoughts before bed, that used to help me. At least your on your way back to a nice 5mg maintanance dose of Prnd, I'm still on 15 and cant wait to drop some.

  2. Hey you - sounds like you're being as amazing as ever. Remember, they're your dreams, you're in charge. Love to you both, Barney

  3. Can they give you something like melatonin (which your body produces naturally) to help you sleep, or would they clash with your other meds? Katie has them for her ADHD and they work a treat. Also, easy to say, but being less stressed will help your blood sugar levels...