Saturday, 21 August 2010

Day 2 - Cycling

Well I definitely didn't win the cycling! There were a lot of blokes with a lot of gear, including the man who won the event in the last world games. He did the 5km in 8:12 - I did it in 14:18. To get bronze in my age group of 30-39 I would have had to get under 10:45.

All that said I think I did pretty well. I was certainly not slowest and I think I worked harder physically doing that 4 laps of Victoria Park, Bath than I've ever worked before. It was a cruel course with a really nasty hill and each time up it was more of a struggle.

Everyone was very supportive and most of the fast guys, if I said I was only 10 months post-transplant and, by the way, it was a double lung for CF, seemed genuinely impressed.

I just need to grow bigger legs!

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  1. Well done, Jenny says "try taking the stabilizers off next year !!". Seriously, it is a fantastic achievement after a short time. As Jenny also adds: she couldn't have done it and she doesn't have an excuse !

  2. LOL at you needing bigger legs ;)

  3. Wow Will, congrats on participating. Now I know my first set was totally botched. I couldn't have done that. Feel proud. I think I've finally turned the corner here despite some scares. Should get out tomorrow. Thanks for the support. Good luck on the fundo surgery. I'm ten minutes from duke. I've read those studies and reflux was thought of a culprit. My docs at Unc don't quite buy into the research quite yet, unless the reflux is drastic. But it can be very helpful. We should email. Again congrats on such a huge accomplishment. Take care, mitch