Monday, 26 October 2009

Well, here I am on the ward

I'm writing this just to say that I'm out of critical care and onto the ward

a few false alarms with leaking drains and the need to do a bronchoscapy to Hoover
up some sputum. Feel pretty uncomfortable and it's v hard to concentrate so
keeping this short. Hopefuly get mobile in next few days lots of physio work.

Thanks for all the lovely messages.

Will x


  1. What a wonderful cousin you are!! So pleased to hear that things are progressing so well, will come see you as soon as you feel up to giggling! Alice xxx

  2. How do Wimble. It's great to see that you're moving forwards. I've done a couple of bronchs and I definitely sympathise! Keep going. Non x

  3. Hi Wim. Great to see your words on here again: we all missed you! Another step forward. Hope the hoovering and physio go well and that you feel better every day.
    All the best...

  4. Wonderful Wim! It was so good coming home to this tonight. Hope you feel much better as soon as possible and go from strength to strength xxxxxx

  5. Great to hear directly from The Man Himself! Thank you for the update, not surprised you had to keep it short given that you have been butchered like the rack of lamb you described in an earlier blog, and that you must be dosed up on enough morphine to keep the Afghan economy going for 6 months!

  6. Brill! William it's so good to hear from you yourself. Well done!Sue

  7. Love you, Super-bionic Wil! Joanna x

  8. Will, I can't believe you're on the ward already - well done you and Vicky too; you're both fantastic!
    I don't suppose the physio will be a piece of cake but worth it I'm sure. Keep going.
    Love, Claire and Mike. Jane sends love too.

  9. Hi Will. All here happy, amazed and impressed that this has happened and gone so well. We'll try to keep in touch via the blog from here on. Good to hear you're on the mend and fascinating to learn all your nicknames (!) There is a UPS driver pacing back and forth in reception holding a massive basket of fruit. Just say the word and we'll cut him loose...

    Rob and all at TTP