Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Pain, Rules and Facial Hair

They stopped Will's epidural today, and as his chest came back to life so did the pain. He's quite a bit more mobile now, so is able to move on to chairs and stand up, but is still not very comfortable wherever he puts himself. He was particularly worried about getting sleep tonight, so they have given him some liquid morphine. Will was quite excited by this foray into crack usage, but not as excited as the doctor who prescribed it, who launched into an almost Bollywood-esque rhapsody on how it makes you "fly". Hmmm. Am just hoping Will will get more sleep tonight. Sleep has been tricky for the last two nights - they keep wanting to do outrageous things like check his blood pressure, temperature and oxygen saturations.

I'm a bit grumpy this evening cos of the ward's Rules. I'm so used to CF, where they are happy for me to be there all the time and they don't enforce the mobile phone ban. On Mallard it's all about visiting hours and no mobiles and there's only one telly. It's bad of me to be grumpy as I know they are actually being more lenient with me than truly ordained by the Rules (apparently "Transplants" are treated a bit differently from your common or garden bypasses and pneumothoraxes and whatever else they get up to at Papworth).

Anyway, not much more to report, though Will managed to walk a few circuits of the ward today. And he didn't have his shave after all because he took one look in the mirror and decided he liked what he saw. So they didn't remove his vanity with his lungs. I've also bought him a little personal radio, so he can lie there and listen to classic fm (not too challenging) and try to relax.


  1. I don't suppose The Rules will allow a brocade curtain round the bed for that authentic, 19th century opium den feel?

  2. Love the last comment!
    I should think you're entitled to be a bit grumpy Vicky, after what you've been through!
    Glad it's progressing so well.
    All our love to you and Beardie! XX

  3. richard dewhurst29 October 2009 at 16:20

    Message for will from a long lost surf buddy.
    It's Richard here (Rob Day's friend - yes me, the olive oil / balsamic vinegar twit) and I'd just like to wish you all the best. Enjoy the liquid morphine you lucky sod!

  4. Glad that good progress is being made.. we continue to watch from a distance. Hope the air traffic controllers in Papworth know what they are doing! .. happy landings!
    Uncle Peter, Elodie & Pierre-Louis