Saturday, 24 October 2009

Another day down

Phew, pretty exhausted this evening. Will has been much more awake today. He even managed some jelly and ice cream for breakfast. He was in a lot of pain for much of the day but got an epidural at about 4pm which helped a lot. His throat is very sore from the ventilator so he can't talk much - and is too tired to do much talking anyway - but he's now very happy to lie there and be talked at. He did say earlier that he could already feel how different his breathing was - no chest tightness and he doesn't have to try at all when he breathes out. I've certainly never seen him breathing so slowly or effortlessly. We expect him to be in critical care another day or two and then hopefully he can move out onto the ward.

What a 48 hours! Don't know quite which way is up or where I am or what time it is, but we're doing ok. Some more sleep will be a very Good Thing. Seems so weird that this time two days ago we were just finishing Masterchef and heading off to bed as normal. Though I have to say that I felt very weird and unsettled on Thursday evening and had been "nesting" rather bizarrely. Re-arranging furniture and sorting out cupboards. When I did the washing up I left some greasy pans and thought to myself "hmmm, if we get the call tonight I'll be really annoyed to come back to these in three days' time". Somehow when the phone rang I wasn't entirely suprised.

It's absolutely fantastic that Will had been really working at the exercise for the last three weeks, and when they took bloods just before the op his infection markers were very low. So he went into all this in the best possible state he could, which should really help in the days to come.


  1. Just checking before I go to bed - really great to hear how you both are. Hope you manage to get some sleep Vicky - you must be shattered - and Will carries on recovering so well. Jelly and ice-cream sounds like a niew diet! lots of love, Katy and Kamlesh xx

  2. Great to hear it's going well, we'll have him on those ski slopes in no time at this rate ! Hope it continues well and you both get your strength up quickly.

    Justin & Jenny

  3. Well done Vicky, you're amazing.
    Scott says he can't believe Miracle Man was eating jelly and icecream! It's great he was able to joke and breathe better - that last must feel so good for him and be great for you to see.
    Hope you got a good night's sleep and today is going well.
    Constant finger-crossing and all our love,
    Jane and Scott xxxxxxxxx

  4. Thank you so much for keeping us informed, Vicky, especially when you're so exhausted. All the very best to you and Ellie, and of course to William. It's great that he's making such good progress.
    Sarah (Jays).

  5. Hi Vicky - I've just seen Claire's email to the Jays and I am actually sitting here blubbing because I am SO glad to hear that Will's op has finally happened after all that waiting. You both sounded pretty well prepared when I saw you 2 weeks ago and Will was looking the best I've seen him in years. Bizarrely I was catching up on the blog during the week but before Thursday ;o) Please send Will my love, and I send big hugs to you xxx Helen (Jay Singers)

  6. Great news. So pleased to hear that it has happened at a time when Will was in a reasonably good state, and that everything is progressing well. It’s hard to imagine being able to eat, speak and joke so soon after going through something like this, and the idea that super-hybrid Will can already feel the difference in his new set of lungs is just amazing! The whole process is hard to comprehend – in particular, it’s incredible that one family’s loss can be turned into something so positive for someone else and their family and friends.

    Our thoughts are with you all. We’re keeping everything crossed, and look forward to more news.

    Nick & Caroline

  7. Lissi and I are both really pleased to hear the two of you are doing so well. We can't imagine how huge it must be to have something like this happen in your lives, your positivity is inspiring. You are in our thoughts, we are also crossing what there is to cross for you both!

  8. Hi Vicky,

    I'm glad to hear it went well - thank you so much for keeping this blog up to date when you must have so many other things to occupy your mind and time.

    Thinking of you both.