Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Settled on the ward

Hi folks. Sorry I haven't posted for a few days. It's all been pretty exhausting and head-messing. Will is now settled on the ward and having more pipes and lines removed each day. He's off the oxygen now when he's at rest, and has started gentle physio. He had a bath today (a rare occurence even at the best of times) and is looking forward to a shave tomorrow. His throat is still sore from the intubation, but he is more comfortable in other respects. They are stopping the epidural tomorrow though, so there may be more actual pain again in the coming days.

Will gets tired very easily and finds it difficult to talk, so he isn't really up to visitors. Our nice friend Anice dropped off a letter for him today, which he really appreciated, and we've had some lovely cards, so if any of you have a few minutes to put a few words to old-fashioned paper and entrust them to Royal Mail, he'd love that. Send anything to our home address: 9 Blossom Street, Cambridge, CB1 2NQ. I'll take them in to him. There's also a ban on flowers and plants on the ward, just in case any of you were feeling inclined in that direction!

Thanks again for all the lovely messages - it really helps to know you're all thinking of us.


  1. Thanks Vicky. It is so great for us to be able to keep up with what's happening via this blog - an inspired idea to set it up in the summer. Great to keep getting positive news - I expect there's a lot of ups and downs in between. You're both such strong, amazing people to get through all this. Hope it all keeps going well. Will try and post something and hope the Royal Mail strike doesn't sabotage things... love from Katy

  2. Good lord. It's happened! I took my eye off the blog for 5 minutes and...
    I'm so pleased things are going so well. What a relief it must be to have the last few days behind you both. It's really amazing and quite insipring reading this blog. Good on you Will. Keep up the 'getting well' front. We're all thinking of you back here. Love from David and family.

  3. Glad to have been of service; letter number two is already half-written!
    Having seen Will for all of a minute it is so hard to believe that he has undergone such major surgery. I'm sure that under the fetching hospital gown it's a butcher's shop but Will's groggy smile was more reminiscent of him at the end of an evening of wine tasting than that of a morphine-induced haze!
    Keep getting better, Will!
    Anice x