Wednesday, 21 October 2009

All's well

Sorry there have been no posts of late, but really not a lot to report. We are having a normal, fairly uneventful time. I am feeling well and have been for a few weeks now, to the extent that I have taken to riding my exercise bike on a daily basis. I bang on 5 litres/min of oxygen, wait till my sats get up to 95% and then I can happily do a reasonably hard 15 mins exercise before I dip down to 90%. I'm gradually ramping up the time and resistance and want to get to 20 mins/day in a couple of weeks. The exercise is important, and will hopefully set me in good stead for getting mobile quickly and easily after the op.

Increasingly I forget about the transplant and it is very easy, when I'm well, to feel like it would seriously ruin my day if they called. It's amazing how used to all the CF paraphenalia you can get, feel generally happy with life and your lot and forget how 'ill' you are meant to be.

On a separate note, work takes me into new and slightly bizarre territory with a project I just sold to design the next generation of hair straighteners for the leading brand of these things (who I can't mention here for confidentiality reasons). So my mind has been in a rather female space recently - considering superior straightening, shine, flick and curl capability, look, feel and ergonomics of a mass produced consumer product. Amazingly they make 70,000 a week, and sell them for £120. I won't tell you what they cost to produce, but it is shockingly little! As they say in the States - 'do the math' - it is a license to print money.


  1. So will Vicky have to put up with you trying to set light to her hair as you try your latest prototype ?!

  2. No fear! I had a hideous/hilarious run in with some hair straighteners a few years ago. Admittedly they weren't made by 'the leading brand', but within minutes I was transformed into a fourteen year old with obvious shop-lifting tendencies. Much to the amusement of Kate and Paul, my housemates at the time, who I hold completely responsible...