Saturday, 31 October 2009

Good luck Chris!

Will's long-time friend / honorary cousin, Chris, is running to see off CF tomorrow. What timing! You can sponsor Chris here. Good luck, run fast and enjoy your lungs Chris! Will & Vicky xx

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  1. Well, Chris did a great run coming in at about 2 hours, a fantastic result after all his training, last minute knee injury etc. He was suitably knackered and damp at the end (half the race was in driving rain!) but recovered pretty quickly after downing a bottle of Lucozade recovery drink and scoffing a burger cooked by Jane on the Shipley Scouts refreshment stall.

    We're really proud of his achievement and all the money he's raised for CF as well as other deserving causes.

    Great to hear that the days are brighter, Wim and Vicky. Lots of love to both of you

    Katie, Mike and the Sturdies (sorry I can't seem to post using a name)