Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Tummy Tuesday

Will went down to theatre at about 8.15 this morning. First on the list. Hopefully things are now underway - it's just after 9am. I cried a little after saying goodbye, which is madness given that I didn't cry at all when he had his transplant. There was no time, there had been no lead up, and my body was awash with adrenalin. Am worried am becoming slightly hospital phobic. That would be problematic. Still, this time I have the entire food hall at Addenbrookes at my disposal, which is very different to the late-night Papworth experience. It's a weird thing about Papworth - it's actually very small and therefore there are minimal opportunities to part with money. Or to find even half decent coffee. This time I am alone though. Nothing as lonely as a hospital while your loved one is under the knife. Though he's not literally under the knife, I suppose, under the laproscope or whatever the piercy/proddy thing is called. Ok, am waffling, time to go and browse some trashy magazines...

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  1. Hope all went or is going well...will keep you both in my thoughts

  2. Not at all surprising you're starting to hate hospitals. Really hope all goes well and you're both out of there as soon as possible.