Tuesday, 21 September 2010

It is done

I am sat with Will now. The docs are happy with how the surgery went. He has some shoulder pain. This is referred pain caused by gas in his stomach that was used to blow it up during surgery. He has a PCA with fentanyl and some IV paracetamol and the pain is reasonably well controlled. So far not much pain around the stomach or incisions, but am sure that will come. He is managing small sips of water but swallowing is tricky. Ciclosporin soon, which may be interesting given the horse pill nature of the tablets. We're going to try the 50mg pills instead of the 100s.

I had a minor panic earlier. When I rang to find out what ward Will was being taken to after recovery, they said he was back at the treatment centre (where we started, not an overnight ward) and would be going up to day surgery later. I thought that meant he needed more surgery... But apparently it's just another ward. Phew. Hospitals are no fun - how is it they manage to make me shiver and sweat at the same time. Nice.

I will keep you posted. Will is sleepy and pretty dopey from the fentanyl.

Edit: Will told me the gas is in his abdomen, around not in his stomach. Apologies for that factual inaccuracy.

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  1. Glad it all went OK. Make sure you get some rest, Vicky. Go home and have a chunky dinner but tell Will you are having gruel, to be kind! x

  2. very happy it's done now...Will, heal quickly and Vicky try to relax...your both in my thoughts

  3. Glad everything has gone to plan. Take care, both of you, and here's to a speedy recovery.