Friday, 24 September 2010

Definitely not fun(do)

So, there's been radio silence from us for a few days. Will has been having a rough time - I can't believe people ever have this operation as a day case. He's had a lot of pain, a LOT of nausea, hot and cold flashes, dizziness... The whole thing has not been the walk in the park the docs tried to say it would be (though Will never believed them anyway). He's on a random vascular ward, because that's where there was a bed, and no one is interested in fundoplications, calorie intake or transplants. There's been a cannula and IV/oral meds saga, explosive diarrhoea (sorry), an unexpected catheter requirement and a whole load of dry retching. He seems to have turned a corner today, perhaps, and is planning on coming home tomorrow, armed with paracetamol and oral ondansetron (sp?).

To add EXTRA fun to our lives, I've got the first proper cold I've had for about two years, so haven't been to see Will for a few days. The plan, however, is that tomorrow I will wake up miraculously healed, decontaminate the house, change the bed sheets, not cough, and go and get Will from Addenbrooke's. We then embark on the next phase: Calorie Maximisation From Liquid Foods While Experiencing Constant Nausea and Stomach Pain. Ah, grant us strength to get through the days and weeks to come...

So, what's a sad and cold-ridden young woman to do on a Friday night when her husband is having a miserable time in hospital? The answer seems to involve pyjamas, series 3 of Sex and the City and a box of chocolate eclairs... Do women just want to be rescued? Ha!

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  1. Poor Vicky and Poor Will. That is rubbish. I should have got two get well cards! You must be under so much stress it's not surprising you have got a cold. I hope that tomorrow you are reunited and can concentrate on getting Will better.
    Love to you both x

  2. Sorry to hear you're both having a rough time. Fingers crossed for your miraculous overnight healing, and contamination-free reunion tomorrow. I hope the coming days and weeks provide a smooth recovery.

  3. It Will get better!! Get it. Sorry, poor attempt at humor. Stay strong both of you.


  4. Hi Vicky and Will,
    I've come across your blog through the CF message boards, and was one of the people who responded to your post re: fundos on there. Sorry to hear you're having a rotten time, but i want to assure you it does improve massively, and a week after surgery it began to feel like it might be worth it. A month on- i was certain it was. Despite the discomfort and weightloss, i wouldn't hesitate to go through it again for the benefits (my lf has been far more stable and a little higher, and my sleep far better!)
    Really, really hope things improve soon.

  5. Vicky - I hope you are feeling better by now and that Will is home with you. Hang in there! Take care of Will but also don't forget to take care of yourself so you can be there for him!