Friday, 10 September 2010

Gout - isn't that a bit medieval?

Well, yes...but no. I suddenly feel compassion for Henry VIII.

It is surprisingly common in the general population, apparently, and very common as a post transplant complaint. I've noticed for a few weeks now a tell-tale pain in the last joint of my right big toe. Not there all the time but very painful when rubbing against fabric (sliding under the bedclothes, or pulling on a pair of jeans) and agony to bend if my toe is pointed.

I asked at clinic and they thought it was probably a mechanical injury as it wasn't a constant pain, but said they'd check my uric acid levels anyway to make sure. They came back a bit high, so I'm now on 20mg prednisilone steroids again, but only for 4 days, or until the pain goes away. At which point I have to do a week's course of 100mg a day Allopurinol which reduces the uric acid levels and should prevent it coming back for a while.

Vicky read that the uric acid and resultant gout can be more prevalent with diabetes, and after the hospital stay and the methyl pred for rejection my sugars went loopy for a while - that pretty much coincided with the start of the pain. So hopefully if I take the course of Allopurinol and then manage not to get more rejection it might not come back.

Oh, and I seem to have a mild case of 'runner's knee' after attempting to do some running two days in a row, overdoing it and straining my knees.

There's always something eh? I asked Vicky one morning how she was doing - "oh, fine". How about physically? - "yes, fine, no problems". What? How can you just be completely ok with no niggles at all? I never seem to quite get to that stage! But, hey, this is all minor stuff and generally all is good.

I may be blogging less positively after Sept 21st though, so prepare yourselves for the moaning onslaught!


  1. One thing after another!! Just a little anecdote: My Dr in the US diagnosed gout but after 6 weeks of treatment it turned out I had a fractured toe!! so much for the US health system.. he was scared I would sue.. maybe I should have done. I would have been a rich man given the US litigation mania!
    I continue to follow your ups and downs and marvel at the fortitude of yourself and Vicky. Good luck with the op.. I have friends who have had this with absolutely no problems and it's something I will need in the fairly near future .. it's nothing compared to what you have been through.
    The family in France are watching you and with you!
    Uncle Peter

  2. No more port for you, young man! Gout is apparently incredibly painful. Worse than a fractured toe!
    Hope you're having a good feed before the fundo x

  3. I had a tangle with gout last year - no explanation other than I was in France in the Loire at the time - nuff said. It it is ludicrously painful and debilitating, but usually goews away of its own accord quite soon. Nothing since then. I shall be thinking of you on 21st Will. Meanwhile, keep up the good spirits, if not the port.
    All love

    Vicky's Dad

  4. Good luck. I shall be up in october so will be in touch before then! Cousin Alice xxx