Friday, 17 September 2010

Happy days #1

Vicky here. To give you all some cheer before Will's op and his resulting misery, here's a marathon catch-up photo tour of some of our happy summer days. More to follow, but these are the ones on the iPad:

Summer walks on empty Exmoor

Sunny days - Will and his mum

Summer barbecues - Our nephews and niece (can children get any cuter?)

More cycling photos from the transplant games: here's Will lining up with the scary kidney transplant men (except the guy behind him, who is another CFer)

Going for it!! Did I tell you I cried? Don't think I've ever felt so proud and grateful in my life...

Chatting with Anne, a Papworth nurse who goes along to the games each year. She coordinated Will's transplant, so is kind of a special person to us!

Back with more photos soon!

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