Monday, 20 September 2010

Here we go again

Tomorrow's the day. I guess you could call it 'tummy tuesday'. I have to report to Addenbrookes by 7am tomorrow morning and I'm hopefully on the morning list so won't have to wait too awfully long, getting nervous. 

When I had the gastroscopy the surgeon said that there was a lot still in my stomach from the previous night, so he advised me to have 48 hours of clear liquids only before this operation. I've kind of compromised and gone for eating not that much for the first 24 and then only liquids today. God, I'm hungry! Must go and have some juice or something to get over my current sugar crash.

At least I don't need to worry too much about my lungs. Did some record breaking blows this morning - no idea why - there seems to be no rhyme or reason to it.

I am just hoping this won't be as bad as I imagine and that I can get over it relatively quickly. A necessary evil.


  1. Good luck with the fundo, its no fun but you'll feel better knowing that stuff won't ruin your lungs!

  2. It will be worth it, even if you can't tell! I found nil by mouth hard from 7am until 3.40pm (well, 5pm by the time I ate anything) last week so you must have been really hungry. And to know it's only soup when you wake up!
    It will take you ages to get over the anaesthetic - I was floored for two days after only being out for 25 mins.
    Hope you get over it soon x