Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Bronch tomorrow

My bronch has been moved to tomorrow from today, so I have one more day's respite before having to go through the procedure, the overnight stay in hospital and the nervous wait for the result. I've been feeling very good for the last week or two and so am hoping that everything is hunky dory. My steroids are back down to the more standard level of 15mg today, having tapered them off as instructed over the last 4 days - hopefully they can now stay there.

I just want to send my best wishes out to Mitch (www.checkonmitch.com) who has had a really hard month with infection, narrowing of airways and then to top it all some bleeding during his recent bronch that left him in ICU. I am just over one month behind Mitch on my Tx recovery and so am obviously a bit nervous and hoping quite hard that my third month is less eventful than his has been, and that there are no problems with bleeding in my bronch tomorrow...

Ah well, focus on the positive eh? I am having a very badly needed haircut today. Frankly I needed one before the operation and now it is looking faintly (ok, completely) ridiculous. And soon it will be 8 weeks which will mean I'm allowed to ride a bike, which will further increase my new found mobility freedoms. Onward and upward...


  1. Hold that haircut, Will - we need a pre-chop photo!

  2. Do we all need to club together to pay for the Christmas cut? E x

  3. What hair I have left, Zoe's cuts with the clippers. Baldness has its perks.

  4. I think Will needs all the hair he can to keep warm during his expeditions to the Siberian wasteland that is Parker's Piece! Lucky he has hair like a sheep to insulate him.....maybe not now he's had his pre-Christmas 'shearing' though! S x