Friday, 18 December 2009

8 weeks and an all clear

This time 8 weeks ago I was one hour out of theatre, asleep on the Intensive Care Ward. This anniversary feels a bit significant as it opens up a couple of things for me: firstly, driving, which the doc said at clinic on Weds should be ok; and secondly, riding a bike. With as much snow on the ground as we currently have, needless to say I won't be attempting my maiden bike ride today. I think I'll wait until after the cold snap...

The other piece of news to relate is that I had a call from Val, one of the nurses at Papworth, to say that the biopsies taken during the bronch on Wednesday were all clear - no rejection. Hooray! Them steroids they working! They want me back at clinic in between Christmas and New Year, on the 30th, which is a minor pain as we may be in Norfolk or Oxfordshire, but I guess otherwise the gap would be too long between checks for this stage of my recovery.

They hadn't yet got the microbiology results back, which is where they analyse the lung secretions to see if there is any bacterial infection. However, Jas said after the bronch that it was all looking very clean and clear so it is pretty unlikely there is anything untoward going on.

All good news then. A beautiful snowy day (especially if you aren't trying to drive to work!) and a great excuse to start feeling really Christmassy. Ho Ho Ho!


  1. Have a happy snowy carol singing christmas !!!

    Cheers Mike

  2. Fantastic news, Will! What a lovely Christmas gift. I hope you both feel you can relax a bit an enjoy the festive season now.
    Love from Sarah (Patey)

  3. Excellent, hopefully you can get out and about more now. Hope to see you both sometime in the not too distant future.

    Have fun ...

  4. Marvellous to hear how well everything is going. Love to you both, and have a very Merry Christmas - assuming being merry is on the list of things you can do ;o) Helen x