Wednesday, 9 December 2009

All the pills

I was just organising my drugs to try and make the routine and tracking of quantities easier and thought you might be amused to see a photo of my total current stock. You'll recognise the 'current pills' tray from the earlier photo.

Just call me Mr. Pharmacy...


  1. Hold on, dude. I'll post a pic of Ashley's current and past meds. It's pharmtastic!

  2. Good lord! Is there any room for normal food, or does that lot give you all the sustenance you need?
    Christmas shopping? It's only December. Xmas does not start in my view until that magical point in time when one has left it unfeasibly late to do one's Xmas shopping without enduring the pure misery of the Xmas rush. Zoe on the other hand has been wrapping presents since October. Humbug.