Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Bonus super-speed bronch

The CMU wards may have been rife with the Norovirus winter vomiting bug but they also have a Day Ward, just down the corridor from the bronch room, which is used to give beds for people having simple procedures. In my case, because I live only 30 minutes down the road from Papworth, they had decided to let me have the bronch from the Day Ward, go back there and rest for 2 hours and then go home. So home I am!

I am relieved to be able to tell you there were no complications - I have neither bleeding nor a punctured lung. On my request they gave me slightly more sedation so I wasn't so awake and aware as last time, which made the whole thing less traumatic and it seemed to fly by. I lay on my side for an hour, then sat up and drank some water, then a cup of coffee and finally was brought a sandwich and a bit of cake. They sent me to X-ray for the post-bronch shot and shortly after that the doc came and said it looked ok and I could go.

Jas came to chat just after the bronch, which I don't remember much of, but the general gist was that it was looking good, the joins between new lungs and old tubes was looking fine and there was still a little bit of sloughing of material from the lung walls, which probably explains the low level of sputum I'm still experiencing, but this was normal for the stage we are at.

They will ring me tomorrow evening or Friday with the biopsy results so I'll be hoping that the low level rejection (I now know this is officially called A1 rejection) has cleared up and I'm ok. If all is fine they plan to see me next week for a standard clinic check up and if I'm still ok they can then leave it for a couple of weeks so I have time off over Christmas and New Year.


  1. Will,
    Glad your bronch went well, sorry If my post scared you. Hope you get the results you are hoping for. I have had out-patient bronchs like that as well, where you leave that day, I like those. The last 3 I had were what we call OR Bronchs where they fully sedate you. This was because I needed the dilation procedure done. I hope you continue to improve over the holidays.
    Take it easy,

  2. A1 rejection sounds like the wrong end of the scale! Brilliant to hear how well you are doing, let's hope your fellow bloggers around the globe can keep up the improvement pace with the (hopefully) restful festive season upon us. For you, it sounds like 2010 is going to be an amazing year.

  3. So...if you get the all clear next week can we go to the Circus at the Hippodrome?? Hope so as its an unmissable outing...
    Otherwise hope we can catch up over the Chrimbo period.
    Lots of love Celia and Tom

  4. Glad it's going so well. You really do seem to be making great progress Will. Hope you and Vicky can really relax over Christmas!

    Love from Claire and Mike