Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Quick update

Clinic today, to check up on my progress following last Thursday's FOB debacle. I noticed as I arrived this morning that I was on the list with "FOB?" next to my name, and then heard the receptionist confirming my bed on Duchess for the night. So I kept my fingers crossed that my blows would be spectacular enough to keep me out of hospital. I was reasonably confident, having had good numbers at home yesterday.

I got there pretty early so was 2nd on the Heart/Lung transplant clinic list. This means I got the usual X-ray, bloods and blows done quickly. The blows were good - better than ever in fact, although for some reason due to the technicality of peak flow and it dictating which numbers they record, the ones written down were the same as my previous best. The doctor was still a bit concerned about my Neoral levels, and will review today's bloods and let me know what, if anything, to change. If they are OK they will start tapering off the steroids at 5mg/week.

So I escaped the admission, with the proviso that they want to see me for bloods in a week, and back in clinic in two.  All good though, really.

Busy day at work, now off to gym (!) courtesy of a friend who just joined and nominated me for a free week... I've had no staying power with gyms in the past, but hey, it's free so worth a go.


  1. Good to hear you're doing OK. I have some questions for you:

    1. Are you back at work full time?
    2. How did the ping pong weekend go? (Yes, I know it's really Table Tennis but ping pong sounds so much more fun.)
    3. Are you ever going to post wound and scar photos or have they been deemed too gruesome/revealing for public consumption?

    Hope that wasn't too Spanish Inquisition for you...

  2. And one from me: is that wonderful singing voice staging a gradual return? I do hope so!

    Thank you both for generous and moving posts over the last couple of months.

    Love to you both from Sarah (Jays).

  3. Cat-girl:
    1) No, 4 days/week as I was doing pre-transplant. I'm still only on a 4 day/week contract so until I decide to go for it and become a full timer I'm only being paid for 4... Maybe I'll just stay on 4?
    2)Ping pong has stalled somewhat. Need to get arse in gear and go to st.neots on Monday, which is the nearest place that has an active club over the summer. Did buy a box of 72 balls though, so should be able to go to Kelsey Kerridge and hit balls around on my own.
    3)One day I shall post them. Can't right now as I'm at work. There aren't many, and they do make my torso look exceedingly unattractive - I seemed to have quite a pot-belly after the op: I reckon partly from being out of shape as I was exercise-comprimised, and partly due to bloating from the op and drugs. There is a particularly fine one involving a colostomy bag - luckily stuck over a drain hole on my front, rather than being used as intended...

    Sarah (Jays):
    Singing voice is ok although I am in the middle of my first cold for well over a year, so it aint great right now. It will definitely be servicable though, and, joy of joys, I can breathe long phrases. Need to get round to organising some lessons to try and get some of the higher notes back...

    I talked to JJ the other day on the phone and mentioned returning for the final Jay concert under his baton, or possibly another one sooner. Could you drop me an email with the concert dates and I'll see which I can do? Would be great to see everyone - I've left it far too long.

  4. www.jaysingers.com !!

    It's all there but I'll send you a note later as well

  5. Cat girl?? Hmm, well that's a fair comment I suppose, especially with the new job.

    Anyway, thanks for the answers - and don't worry about the pot belly, we all know you're an Adonis really ;o)
    p.s Aren't 72 balls a little excessive? It's not like golf where they are easily lost! Admit it, you couldn't resist a bulk buy discount.

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  7. Great news! Very much looking forward to that.