Friday, 11 June 2010

An observation on a cold

On Tuesday night as I lay waiting for sleep to come I felt a telltale tickle in my nose, and some soreness at the back of my throat. I realised I hadn't had a cold for well over a year by observing a strict regime of keeping the hell away from anyone who was sneezing. Sadly the observance of politeness in the work place had led to me sharing a meeting room and a handshake or three with a designer at an associate company who had an absolute streamer.

I was worried and also interested to see what would happen. Last time I had a cold, and every time before that for the last few years, due to the horrors of CF the cold had inevitably led to a chest infection, loss of voice, IV antibiotics and often a 2 week stay in the CF Unit at Papworth.

For Weds, Thurs and today and the nights in between I sneezed and blew, but weirdly felt like it was what I can only describe as a 'healthy illness' - kind of manageable in a way that a CF encumbered cold never was. I guess it is what normal folk would call 'mild'. This is all new to me.

So I continued to work hard and got through 4 days in the office this week for the first time since the transplant. And then, at about 3pm today I suddenly felt a lot better. So that's that. It is very heartening and great news that I can pick up a standard cold and get better, even with all the immunosuppression. Hooray.


  1. Whew! I'd have been nervous, too. Glad you got over it just fine.

  2. Glad the cold was manageable, but like you said best to avoid it all. Stay healthy my friend, must be nice to be back into some normalcy spending time on design issues instead of health crap.

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  4. got really concerned when I first started to read this but glad it ended up on a positive note! Thanks for your and Viky's comments on Jim's blog! This is just amazing!