Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Ok, well not quite

Had a call today from one of the transplant coordinators. I'd rung them on the 3rd, as I was told to, to confirm I was on the list. No-one was available and no-one rang me back, so I called again yesterday and the secretary explained they'd been very busy ("unfortunately...or, well, fortunately") - which I took to mean they'd had a transplant. As a side note there was a dreadful assualt on Monday night in Cambridge on a young man, who'd ended up dying of head injuries and it just makes me think that maybe it was that guy who ended up being a donor. 21 years old, rugby player...

So, anyway, they rang back today and said they needed a blood test from me to confirm tissue typing. The blood they took during assessment had come back clear of any antibodies, which is a good thing as it means I am less likely to reject a wider selection of organs - more might be suitable - but when they have a clear result they do the test again just to make very sure. It's funny the way the transplant team seem to work - it is either nothing or everything very fast. I wonder if the fact they do the transplants in this way - no donors, no donors, argh! a donor - everyone get going - rubs off on their other more routine stuff. They said to me today that for them to get the bloods analysed this week they had to get them in a taxi to Addenbrookes at 3:30pm. The call to me was at 12:50. Luckily, I take Wednesdays off work for a bit of a rest in the middle of the week and so I could get in the car and get it done.

It turns out, then, that I'm not actually on the list yet, but should be by Friday, or Monday at the latest. They will give me a call.

On another note, in my last post I said I was feeling pretty grim. Well, it seems to have sorted itself out and I'm back to what I'd call normal - seems it was some sort of virus as others of my family have had similar symptoms after the Suffolk jaunt.

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