Thursday, 6 August 2009

Commenting and Following

We love it when you leave comments on the blog and we'd also love to know who's out there reading the blog! If you have a gmail or yahoo email account you can use that to sign in as a follower. Just click the "Follow" button. If you don't have such an account already, there's then a link to Google Friend Connect, which doesn't look too much like it would steal your life from you if you joined it. You can use these accounts to comment too, which tells us who are you are, or you can make a comment anonymously without any such technologies. Anyway, our lives aren't that exciting really, so do contribute your tuppence-worth. Comments, questions, thoughts, easy recipe ideas (no really!!), top ten tips for a zen existence...


  1. Wim & Vicky - have been very much thinking about you this week as it's THE WEEK (or was meant to be until they changed the date!) Dad and I had a lovely couple of days in Norfolk last month seeing Rachel graduate, and I spent the day with El and the children which was wonderful fun.

    Much love

    Katie xxxxxxxxx

  2. Hi Vicky,
    I used to work with Will at TTP and met you a couple of times, once at Jazz in The Park at TTP.
    A friend at TTP e-mailed me and told me all about what was going on with Will......I had no idea. I'm reading through your blog, and have just got to the one saying you like knowing who is following you on the blog so I thought I'd leave a comment.
    I've just sent a letter to Will, but it'll probably take a while to get to you.....good old postal service!
    My thoughts are with you both, Will has such a strong spirit it can only help in this kind of situation.
    Love to you both (I'll just finish reading the blog).
    Sarah (Simmons) x