Friday, 14 August 2009

Great non-transplant-related news

While poor Will was hanging around in Papworth sleep-study-hell this morning, I got some brilliant news. A while ago my youngest sister Maddy, who has Down's Syndrome, was offered a place at Foxes Academy, "a training hotel and catering college for young people with mild learning disabilities". This morning we got confirmation that the local authority has agreed to fund her to go. This means Maddy will get to have a three-year, away from home educational experience, like most of us did when we went to university. The aim is to equip her with skills to maximise her independence and employability. But it also means she'll get to make more friends and do a lot of the 'hanging-around' type social stuff that we all enjoyed at uni. Anyway, Foxes seems to be a fantastic place and it's a great opportunity for Maddy. So it's not just hurrah for the NHS, but hurrah for Oxfordshire County Council and Connexions too (and it's probably not too often you hear people say that!).

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  1. Congratulations Maddy! 'Hurrah for Connexions' as you say - words you don't often hear!!!